Hello Everyone, we have some development progress updates to share with our community.

After our 15th June update where the development team were able to demo and test the create liquidity pool, add liquidity and swap functions on chain, the team has moved on to Design a matching and befitting Front-end UI.

Find some demos below.



Hello community, it’s been an exciting week for the Bashoswap leadership team as we have been able to prepare with the help of our development partner, a Catalyst proposal for the Current Fund 9 that might give us additional funding to continue development of our novel AMM DEX on Cardano.

Bashoswap new mechanism will take advantage of the EUTXO ledger design built into the Cardano network to allow rapid, non-batched transactions with improved trust and reduced latency.

Read our proposal on Cardano Ideascale Below.

Please support us by giving the proposal a kudos and sharing your thoughts.


Beri Ardas

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Bashoswap development team kicked off the week by working on the offchain swap contract and then moved on to finish up on the ported ListPools contract to CTL.

Then after, work was done on the port create pool contract to CTL, then swap integration tests were performed.

Franco, one of the lead developers done some onchain spliting tests where he tested whole scripts.

The team is currently making a staking validator for BashoSwap so that the ADA funds in pools are staked. The rewards should go the system.

We will keep sharing development updates on a weekly basis.

The Seed sale is still ongoing, you can participate here.

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