$BASH Tokenomics & Vesting Schedule

4 min readMar 24, 2022


In an earlier Blog post, we took an initial look at the Bashoswap Tokenomics, it’s supply and the long term vision of the project.

Today, we’ll dig into the full Tokenomics: the elaborate token metrics, distribution, and vesting schedules.

The Bashoswap team has been hard at work developing different components of the Bashoswap ecosystem and also onboarding partners and more team members that will ensure that our front-end ,back-end systems and the smart contracts are capable of serving it’s intended use (Read more in our development progress post).

While it hasn’t been an easy feat, we have been making huge progress in that regards.

As we near our private sale which is less than two weeks away, we think it’s important to address a few points and be as forthright as possible.

Here’s a preview our Private Sale Reservation Page.

The Page will be made public 72 Hours to the launch of the private sale only for whitelisted accounts who hold a minimum balance of 20000 ADA in their Nami Wallet.

Read how to set up Nami Wallet here.

This will be able to curb and curtail ghost reservations and also help checkmate blacklisted regions from participating in he private sale.

Bashoswap will remain a community-focused project that values decentralization and enabling users to capture the value they create.

With that in mind, we present the Bashoswap Tokenomics

Bash Token Distribution Chart

Looking at the above tokenomics you can be able to deduce that total allocation to us, the Bashoswap development team and advisory Board, is 13% and for you — the Bashoswap community is 87%.

$BASH Vesting

50 Million BASH tokens allocated to the Founding team will be locked for 6 months and then released linearly for three years at a 5 epoch emission rate.

Advisory tokens will be locked for 3 months, then released linearly for 9 months.

45 million tokens $BASH tokens total will be allocated to the participants of Bashoswap’s ISO which will be airdropped at a predetermined date after the ISO ends.

Private Sale Tokens will be locked for two months then after which it will be released linearly every 5 epochs for 120 days.

100 Million tokens will be locked in the DAO treasury as we will be implementing a BASH DAO Treasury script which will be among the first component of the Bashoswap products that will be deployed on the mainnet with it’s primary logic developed to manage the treasury reserves, distribute $BASH tokens through governance contract interactions with ability to upgrade to a new governance contract.

Community Rewards, Airdrops and $Bash token giveaway programs be done from the treasury wallet as 0.5% of the total DAO allocation will be released every 18 epochs after the initial cliff to facilitate community incentivized programs.

Pre-Sale Participants will get 50% of their contribution amount while the other 50% will be released every two Epochs for 60 Days.

Bash Token Distribution Breakdown

Why Did We Decide To Include A Vesting Schedule?

It was important for bashoswap team to make this decision on initial token release in the best interest of the Bashoswap community while maintaining our commitment to a fair token launch as it will prevent whale dumps, manipulations and encourage healthy growth of the token when launching on an exchange.

We are confident that this vesting schedule will allows us to remain true to our community oriented principles as there are no VCs or insiders.

The tokenomics of the bashoswap protocol, fees from the DEX, and how they operate within the ecosystem.


  • Token Name : $BASH
  • Total Supply : 500,000,000 $BASH
  • Market cap at Token Generation Event (TGE) : $13,612,500
  • Hard Cap : $41,250,000

BASH Token Allocation

  • Private Sales: 20%
  • Pre-Sale: 13%
  • Team: 10%
  • Advisor: 3%
  • Exchange Liquidity Provision & Marketing: 25%
  • ISPO: 9%
  • DAO Treasury: 20%

About Bashoswap

Bashoswap is a native, 100% scalable Cardano decentralized exchange and automated market maker protocol on the Cardano Blockchain.

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