Bashoswap Development Progress #7

1 min readApr 22, 2022

This week the Bashoswap Smart Contract Development team has been working on improvements for the specification language that is being used for Bashoswap as more work is being done on the spec itself.

Trades with liquidity pools without support of pool splitting. Pool splitting will be added when that part of spec has been finished.

The team is also working on implementing the on-chain logic for liquidity depositing and looking into testing tooling.

This mechanism of creating new liquidity pools will ensure that LP tokens of each pools are unique.

More work is also being done on the on-chain logic for swaps.

The Bashoswap team also explored different fee structures, and protocol mechanisms that won’t market manipulation proof.

We will be making a subsequent post about the just completed first Private Sale round.

We will release more details about the upcoming private sale 2nd Round.

For Private Deals, Email:

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