Bashoswap Development Progress #8 May 7th 2022

1 min readMay 7, 2022

The Bashoswap development team has been working on the finalized design of the on-chain parts of Bashoswap Dex.

We also got confirmation from several parties collaborating with IOG and from IOG that transaction chaining is indeed possible. Duncan Coutts explained that the ledger does not have a concept of blocks, simply a set of UTXO references that transactions modify.

The team has finished on-chain logic for depositing liquidity, Basic on-chain logic for trades has been implemented (without pool splitting).

The Team has also Finished on-chain logic for withdrawing liquidity, Worked on integrating Apropos library for testing (currently troubleshooting issues)

Worked on specification language (moving from Idris to eDSL in Haskell)

Focus For Next Week

Integrate CTL for writing off-chain code

Continue work on integrating testing library and writing tests for liquidity pool.

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