Bashoswap Development Progress Update #4

3 min readMar 20, 2022


What a first few months we have had at Bashoswap, both in front and behind the scenes!

If you’ve followed our progress from our first medium post, you’ll know $BASH has started whitelisting and our first private sale of Bash Tokens is around the Corner.

Bashoswap’s mission is to develop innovative Dapps and protocols that will help link Cardano developers and early members of the ecosystem, giving developers a platform to launch their ideas and giving the community an opportunity to grab a potential gem project’s token early.

As the private sale draws closer, we aim to shed more light on it in the coming days and how to reserve a spot sale that would guarantee your participation in the upcoming sale round.

It’s also worthy to note that we would be strictly using Nami Wallet for the private sale.

Whitelisting is still on-going as early adopters who have the required minimum contribution amount looking to participate in the sale can whitelist here.

Private Sale Details:

Private Sale Allocation: 100 million $BASH

Private Sale Allocation %: 20%

Bash Total Supply: 500 million.

$BASH Token Price: 0.055 ADA

Minimum Contribution: 20,000 ADA.

How To Join In The Private Sale:

Whitelisted investors will be given access to a private sale link where they can be able to connect their Nami Wallet and if the wallet has the required minimum number of ADA, can now proceed to fill in details and reserve a spot.

Bashoswap Private sale Page
Bashoswap Private Sale Reservation Page

This is to ensure that each private sale participant has the required minimum amount of ADA in their wallet to secure a whitelist spot and eliminate the issuance of whitelist spots to bots.

Development Progress Update

The Smart Contract development team have completed NAMI Wallet connect feature to the staking page and also tested the on Cardano testnet.

The team will proceed to deploy on the mainnet and start testing with test Bash tokens.

Bashoswap is also exploring the feasibility of a Staking Platform as a service which will be the very first in the Cardano ecosystem which when launched will enable other Cardano projects to Lock their tokens, NFTs and Even LP tokens to increase trust and transparency within the cardano ecosystem.

What Makes Bashoswap Different?

BASH will assemble elements that are already existing on other blockchains like the AMM model and readapt it for the Cardano Blockchain development. De-Fi Apps powered by the Bash token on the Cardano ecosystem will greatly benefit from the development of the full end-to-end de-fi solution.

Bashoswap’s key features are the IDO launchpad and the DEX platform.

The native token of the Bashoswap ecosystem which is the $BASH token will be used on the network for staking, farming, and governance.

The platform governance is structured in such a way that the Bashoswap community can allocate and supervise the ecosystem by voting on crucial business decisions.

The team has worked flat out, building core elements of the Bashoswap protocol, with the prototype almost near completion.

There’s an impressive amount of progress to show, with many core elements to be delivered over the next few weeks.

$BASH recently added two highly experienced Haskell, Plutus and front end engineers and also got two more community manager as we gradually head to creating awareness for the bashoswap project.

We are open to partnerships as you can send us an email at

For more information about bashoswap, please visit the website







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