Bashoswap Development Progress Update #6

2 min readApr 14, 2022

Over the past couple of days, the whole Bashoswap development team has been running on full steam, building out different aspects of the Bashoswap ecosystem.

The Haskell/Plutus developers worked on Figuring out way to make transaction chaining work even in the presence of dishonest users.

Also, they defined rules for when transaction splitting and merging should be allowed

As a malicious user could keep splitting pools forever. They will pay the minimum ADA, but if they were a hostile competitor, it would be worth it. Because of this we should have a limit on how small pools can be. This isn’t proportion to the value but rather the amount. This should probably be a product of 1 000 000.

The development team is also putting in finishing touches to the Claim Page to make it easy for anyone with Vested $BASH tokens to be able to see when they will be eligible to claim by just inputting their Address.

Also the Bash Token Staking Platform is already nearing completion and would be launched on the testnet in the coming days.

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