Bashoswap — How Did It All Start? What Inspired This project?

One of the reasons Bashoswap, a decentralized exchange being developed on Cardano was launched was because of the need to have a scalable medium of exchange of Cardano Native Tokens in a trustless manner while at the same time building a sustainable ecosystem around the utility tokens.

The Team behind Bashoswap project, has years of experience spanning from front-end developers, backend technicians, smart contract consultants with above five years of building and developing Blockchain Based Financial products.

Our Story is just beginning and as such we have realized the huge potential behind this project and as well as an equally proportional complex and demanding challenge which needs to be made — developing a decentralized exchange on Cardano.

One thing we are sure of is that there are a lot of unknowns and yet-to-be-discovered grounds in the Cardano ecosystem currently which puts the team at an advantaged position as we are brainstorming about logics that have not yet been functioning on Cardano.

Things move very fast in the crypto space, and plans often change without notice.

We will be taking a careful yet swift approach to our development plans to be able to ship out a working & scalable Dex in a turnaround time of 9 months or Less.

We also will be having some exciting announcements to make over the next coming weeks:

Whitepaper (V1) Release

Expanding The Leadership & Development Team

AMA with Bashoswap Founding Team

We’re deeply committed to ensuring that Bashoswap project is community oriented and as such we will launch couple of incentivized community events that would see Bashoswap community members rewarded for performing specific tasks.

Keep in touch with our project to gain more insight into the Bashoswap development progress!

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Official Medium Account of Bashoswap, A Decentralized Exchange On Cardano

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Official Medium Account of Bashoswap, A Decentralized Exchange On Cardano

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