Bashoswap Tokenomics

On today’s edition, we will be discussing about briefly about the Tokenomics of the Bashoswap project, it’s fundamentals and our plans for the long-term success of Bashoswap and the suite of Dapps we are building.

Brief Bashoswap Token Details

We will issue 500 Million Bashoswap Tokens (BASH) during our token minting event.

We will have 65,000,000 $BASH Tokens for the team and the rest, 87% of the total supply to you, the Community.

13% of total tokens will be allocated to the Team and Advisors to align our interests with those of the community.

100,000,000 BASH tokens will be allocated to Private Funding Round which will be vested to be released linearly after a predetermined number of epochs

20% of the total tokens will be held by Bashoswap Inc in a smart contract as a token reserve to be used for community incentives and staking rewards.

Read more details about BASH token distribution.

Our Private sale token offering will fund the growth and development of Bashoswap to enable the development team get funded to build and develop innovative products.

We will be releasing a more detailed Tokenomics in the coming days.

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