Bashoswap’s First AMA On Crypto Titans

Hello Bashoswap Community, We are having our very first AMA on Crypto Titan Telegram group as Bashoswap Information Officer will be a host on the prestigious Crypto Titan Telegram group.

This will be 707th AMA hosted by Cryptotitans.

Crypto AMA is a session where crypto enthusiasts meet to discuss about the projects in a live question and answer session.

AMA is an abberviation of the Ask Me Anything Phrase.

Bashoswap AMA will aim to shed more light on the Bashoswap project and the innovative features we are developing

There will be 100 USDT Rewards to be distributed to AMA participants.

Bashoswap AMA Details

📍 Venue : @CryptoTiTans0

📅 On 27th March

⏰ Time : 12:00 UTC

1. Introduction

2. Twitter AMA (5Q)

3. Live Questions (5Q)

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2. Join CryptoTiTans ANN

3. Follow Twitter BashosSwap & CryptoTiTans

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