Blockchain Education Hub Platinum Crypto Academy Partners with Cardano’s Bashoswap

As Cardano’s ecosystem of DeFi protocols gains steam, with over 300 million ADA in TVL locked across all Dapps according to Defilama.

To further increase the value and bring more TVL to Cardano, it’s imperative that protocols score crucial partnerships with large crypto communities to spread the word about the Cardano blockchain and Web3.

Bashoswap partners with Platinum Crypto Academy: details

According to the official announcement shared by Platinum Crypto Academy, a global crypto-focused educational initiative on Web3, blockchain and crypto, its team has entered into a long-term strategic collaboration with Cardano’s DeFi protocol Bashoswap.

Platinum Crypto Academy have also worked and partnered with several other Cardano based projects like Meld and WorldMobile Token.

This partnership is designed to support Bashoswap and it’s growing community with crypto analytics and expertise on trading, asset management, personal finance, blockchain and Web3. Bashoswap users and traders can easily manage their portfolios with different trading styles and strategies.

The Cardano (ADA) ecosystem, which is the technical basis for Bashoswap and its competitors, is in focus for educational programs started with the partnership.

Last but not least, Platinum Crypto Academy students will upgrade their understanding of how the DeFi segment works in 2022.

Advanced DeFi experience on Cardano (ADA):

What is Bashoswap?

Bashoswap promotes itself as a multi-protocol decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

Buy utilizing cardano smart contracts, every Web3 entrepreneur can swap and trade tokens without the need of a middle man.

Also, the Bashoswap protocol will have a native built-in staking dashboard: it makes crypto staking on the largest PoS network, Cardano (ADA), accessible even to crypto newbies. Bashoswap integrated Cardano’s decentralized wallets, Nami and Yoroi.

Besides that, Bashoswap boasts a DEX module and native decentralized launchpad for early-stage projects.

By the end of Q2, 2022, Bashoswap is going to launch on Cardano’s mainnet in a full-fledged open version.

To join the whitelist for the private Sale Cardano community members should apply at

We are open to partnerships as you can send us an email at

For more information about bashoswap, please visit the website







Official Medium Account of Bashoswap, A Decentralized Exchange On Cardano

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Official Medium Account of Bashoswap, A Decentralized Exchange On Cardano

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