How To Buy & Store Your First ADA

4 min readMar 26, 2022

As we draw closer to $Bash token private sale, it is necessary to shed more light on the upcoming sale and how you as an early adopter can join.

Don’t forget that the private sale whitelist is on-going up until 1st April.

Bashoswap will accept ADA exclusively for its upcoming private sale which is a proof of our commitment to the Cardano ecosystem.

This brief medium post will shed more light on how to purchase Cardano (ADA) Tokens in anticipation of the private sale.

How to buy ADA?

The most common method to purchase ADA is using a crypto exchange.

Some well-known exchanges that you can purchase ADA include:

How To Purchase ADA In 4Steps

  1. Create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange regulated in your country and verify your Identity
  2. Make a deposit on the the exchange. Generally done through a credit/debit card or sending an already existing cryptocurrency you have like Bitcoin or Ethereum to the Exchange
  3. Once your account is funded you can now buy ADA by choosing the corresponding pair (eg. BTC/ADA or USDT/ADA)
  4. Congrats, you just bought your first ADA!

The Next Step is how to Store the purchased ADA

How Do You store ADA?

The best way to store your ADA and participate in any Token Presales within the Cardano ecosystem is with a Cardano Compatible crypto wallet.

We won’t advise you to keep ADA on an exchange to participate in our private Sale as you might not be able to receive your tokens.

So the question now is how to get a Cardano wallet?

For the private sale, We would be using Nami Wallet Exclusively as they one of the only browser light wallets that are following the Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP 30) are allowed.

What is Nami Wallet?

Nami is a browser based wallet extension to interact with the Cardano blockchain.

Nami allows you to store and send multiple assets, delegations to stake pools, minting, multi sigs and much more.

Visit Nami Wallet Website

How To Set Up Nami Wallet?

Here is the step-by-step process to set up a Nami wallet extension and create a Nami Wallet Cardano Account.

Download the Extension

Click on Nami Wallet Extension

Click on Create New Wallet

Store the Seed Phrases

Enter the Correct Seed Phrases

Create Account by Entering Account Name and Password

You Can Find a more detailed tutorial here

After your Wallet is set up, what next?

Copy out your wallet address from Nami Wallet and head over to the exchange you purchased the ADA, Withdraw the ADA and Send to the Nami Wallet Address.

Once You have The ADA in your Nami Wallet, you can now be able to reserve a spot in the coming private sale by authenticating your wallet.

Wallet Authentication & Private Sale Reservation Will Commence from 1st April up until 300 reservations Are Made or 2 Hours before the Private sale kicks off (Which ever comes first).

How Do You Authenticate A Wallet?

Once Whitelisting Ends, Whitelisted users will be emailed a link so that they will able to visit the Private sale reservation page and would look like the one below.

Users can be able to connect their Nami Wallet by clicking on the connect wallet button by the right.

Then you can click on the join whitelist button which by then would be (Reserve A Spot) button to be able to reserve a spot in the private sale.

Users with less than 20000 ADA won’t be able to join the Private Sale round as they would be shown an error code as in the one below.

Once a user has the required minimum amount, they can proceed to fill the KYC information and then submit to reserve a spot.

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